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Rusty and Mark

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A scientist's thoughts on lead generation - target identification

This is the third article in a series on finding Key Influencers (KIs) to champion your products (Part 1 and Part 2).

If you read part two, you now are armed with the power to observe and identify the KIs in a lab on cold call (cold walk-through).  The next step is to identify your target by name, email, phone number, and interests both scientific and personal. Your job is to get to know that KI personally and, you will do that by helping them with their research.

Back to the Role Playing.......You get home (late because you walked through after 5pm when KIs are working).  On your walk through one lab you saw the name "Rusty" and initials "JRB" on a lot of products and notebooks in particular bay.

To identify this KI, you can go to the lab's website and look at the members. Here's an example on my labs webpage, the Esko Lab at UCSD.

You quickly know two things about the potential KI; he has PhD and his last name is Bishop.  The fact he has a PhD tells you he has at least been in the lab for 6 or more years.  The last name is your final clue in fingering this scientist as a KI.

Look at that handsome devil! Nice goatee

To do that, you need to discover his publication record in pubmed. 
So surf over to Pubmed, enter the last name of the lab head and the last name of the potential KI (in this case 'esko and bishop'. You should get a reasonable list of publications 9-20 with their name it might look something like this. Remember his name was Rusty, the correct scientist has the intials JR thats him!

Here's my publication record in Pubmed, maybe if I had more papers I wouldn't be writing this blog.

Now you know, this guy is a KI - 4 papers in two years in reasonably respectable journals, lots of notebooks, lots of products around his bench, has a PhD.  You also know his email address, which you got off the lab website, his mailing address available on the most recent publications, you know what he is researching from the publications, and most important you know where he lives.

Don't spam him with emails or drop off some literature, thats the best way to get ignored, you gotta get to know him first and thats an article for another day.....

The next step, ' Getting to Know the KI' will appear on our new website -!