Monday, December 14, 2009

Female Models Selling Flow Cytometers - I Love America!

Thanks Applied Biosyst... errr, Invitrog.....uhhhh.....Life Technologies! You provided the funniest moment of ASCB 2009.

For those that did attend this year's ASCB in San Diego and those that didn't make it into the exhibit all on Sunday, Applied Biosystems debuted its new acoustic flow cytometer, the Attune Acoustic Focusing Cytometer. I suppose this is a major break through in the world of flow cytometery. You can learn more about it here. Or you can read all the "press releases" about it on sites like Genome Web. I have no idea whether it is a break through or not. The best part about the whole thing was the "intrigue" in their booth on Sunday.

Let me paint the scene for you...... In the far back corner of the Exhibit Hall, there was a gigantic LED TV screen like you might see in Vegas or in Times Square with words like CHAOS and ORDER flowing across it. This thing is probably two stories tall and 20 yards wide. The booth is filled with exactly nothing except 5 white leather stools and long white satin drapes hanging from the ceiling. The real eye popper was the troop of absolutely BEAUTIFUL people in white shirts and pants. Now, I've been to a few science conferences in my day and, I'm here to tell you these were not the usual reps and scientists. Models in no uncertain terms were in the house.

Of course, they got me, along with every other guy in the building. When I entered the club... errr booth, I met two lovely blond women bearing name tags that listed To Be Determined as the company. Ok now Im hooked. So I asked one of the models what they were selling, she replied she couldn't tell me and then asked me if I wanted to join them for a reception with free cocktails and food to hear about their product. I heard, "Do you wanna have a drink with me?" Of course! Sign me up!

With that I got a R.S.V.P. to their party at the Hilton next door and they got my "email".

The party turned out to be a full on press release for the cytometer including a latin band, camera crews, Life Technologies logo flashing across the wall, sushi, liquor bar, and of course one lonely flow cytometer sitting on stage surrounded by Invitrog... Life Technologies folks all cooing to one another. I felt like Steve Jobs had just introduced the iphone. However, not one person even asked who I was or whether I was interested in a flow cytometer. At least the models were still around to look at. Oh yeah I did meet a few scientists that were completely baffled by the whole affair, yet appreciate of the free drinks none the less. One was a physicist that was extremely curious about what exactly flow even is!

Thank you Life Technologies for the booze, sushi, and models. Good luck with the flow cytometer!

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