Monday, March 8, 2010

How to find scientists discussing your company online

Are you ready to engage scientists online, but need to know where to find them? Do you want to know what scientists are saying about your company/product/service/congress?

In short your livelihood depends on it!

So how to find it?

Besides the obvious Google Search (time-consuming & unproductive) you need to focus your search on websites and applications where scientists are actually communicating.

Lets quickly test two common social media/online outlets by searching for "Santa Cruz Biotechnology" a large antibody supplier for the life sciences.

Twitter - I searched Santa Cruz Biotechnology returned 0, Santa Cruz = 1000s unrelated, and Santa Cruz antibodies = 0. Not very telling, except that Santa Cruz needs a twitter page. - I searched Santa Cruz Biotechnology got nothing.

I searched Santa Cruz = Motherload!

Actual quote from a user comments

Positive - "This antibody was from SantaCruz. It has served me well..."

Not so positive.

"Dude- Santa Cruz antibodies are enough to turn an entire f**king carebear teaparty into a republican national convention. "

"Reading this sh*t, I'm now even more frightened than before about what's in that Santa Cruz vial."

"...all antibodies have an element of crapshoot about them, but SC's are crappier, or shootier, than others."

and yikes! "Ah, SantaCrap"

Need I go on?

Dr. BrownDawg

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