Friday, January 29, 2010

Life Technologies commericals on television!

I was flipping channels last night and stopped on an advertisement on NBC for the Olympics.  I was shocked to see that Life Technologies, Inc was the local sponsor.  Right there on television a science ad!  Life Technologies Marketing machine is full swing these days with models at ASCB and television. 

My guestimate is there are 3-8000 life scientists living here in San Diego.  How in the world can television ads targeted to that few people in a city of 3 million, on one channel no less, be effective?  I guess it could be a ploy to attract investment dollars since it is a publically traded company, but I cant see how this campaign is going to sell cDNA kits.

Love to hear what you think about science ads on t.v. Let me know if you see more in your town too please.

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